Who Is Carlos Gonzalez?

Over the past 17 years, Carlos has worked with many Small Businesses to help them reach their first (or next) goal, been featured in a book, and has taught in college.

He currently helps people grow out of their side hustle by moving them to a business by familiarizing them with the concept of sales funnels (the new method of creating websites), and helping them build their attractive character (their online persona) which has helped tens of thousands of Entrepreneurs get their message out to their market.

Early Life

Carlos Gonzalez got the Entrepreneurial spirit from his grandmother and father, as early as the age of 10. He had his father get a video rental membership (very hard back then) and convinced each of his friends to pay him 25¢ to get the new releases so they could be the first (if not only) kids to have watched the newest movies in their school. Talk about an irresistible offer! 

Carlos wrestled during high school while also attending college to graduate early. He enlisted into the U.S. Army where he served honorably for six years, learning valuable lessons about integrity, hard work, and the art of winning. 


Immediately after leaving the Army, he began formal college training in Media Arts & Design, learning the foundations to not only build websites, but also manipulate images, video production, print design, and much more. 

He took on his first client within the first month of starting college, introducing him to the world of business in 2004. He not only helped move a popular publication online, he helped increase profits by advising the publication to use a subscription model. This is before popular platforms such as WordPress, ClickFunnels, and GoHighLevel were popular or even existed! In other words, hand coded.

Within a year, he created a package that business owners raved over because it included everything they wanted; website design, hosting, care, and a recurring revenue model in which he coached them on. 

By 2010, he had achieved another milestone in receiving his Master of Science degree in Education Media Design & Technology, further enforcing all the principles he learned in college with an emphasis is teaching. 

He began teaching that same year where he not only taught, but also updated the outdated curriculum so his students would have a better chance at making it in this difficult and competitive world. He also taught business principles “under-the-table” so he could give his students another competitive edge.

Once Social Networks became a permanent addition to our culture, he began to be mentored and/or by the biggest names in business, including Russell Brunson, Rachel Pedersen, Akbar Sheikh, Billy Gene, among others. His love of learning has prepared him for what he now currently does and truly enjoys. 

He now coaches business owners and people working side hustles to reach their first (or next) goal in business. With his knowledge of starting businesses and technology in hand, he walks his students in months what can normally take years, reaching new profit goals and their first five-figure client.

Giving Back

Carlos volunteers his expertise to his local church and provides some of his proceeds to other non-profits, such as the E3Project™ and ChurchSake™.

Personal Life

Carlos is a family man, married to the love of his life, Natasha Gonzalez. Together they have a daughter and live in the suburbs of Los Angeles, California.

Featured In

Overcoming Adversity in Entrepreneurship

No matter your goals, Overcoming Adversity in Entrepreneurship offers a proven framework for improving your journey. Andrew Izumi and Gina Taylor along with 26 leading business influencers [including Carlos Gonzalez] collaboratively share their adversities and the strategies that have led them to become successful business owners in a fast-paced and ever-changing business world.

Work With Carlos

Carlos Built This Inner Circle
(Beta Program)

When It's Time to Upgrade Your
Side Hustle to a Small Business

Having a successful side hustle is great, but it can be time consuming and will take time away from your family. This six month program will expedite you in upgrading your side hustle to a small business by creating your online business and finding your attractive character so you can reach the customers of your dreams.

train Your team

When You Want it In-House

Whether you’re a restaurant, law firm, retail store, or just about any other business, sometimes you have the need to constantly update your website or create ads on a regular basis.

Choose your team members and I’ll train them in website design, management, and creating ads in this intensive month long coaching program. 

Never look outside of your business for what’s most important!

Upgrade Your Website

Moving from Traditional Model to the "Sales Funnel" Model

Times have changed since I started building websites in 2004. Back then, you could have created a website and, if you had the traffic, people would visit and buy. 

Well, unless you have an unlimited ads budget, those times are gone. 

I’ll sit down with you and build out the outline for your business using the new modern model, then have my team redesign it.