How Facebook Groups Can Help Your Reputation

In the last article, I showed you how to use your personal profile on Facebook™ to attract your ideal customers. Now we’ll focus on Facebook Groups.

As a reminder, DO NOT SELL PEOPLE ON YOUR PROFILE! Not only is it in bad taste, it’s actually against Facebook’s terms. Use your profile as a way to invite people to your place of business.

Facebook Groups

Most cities, big or small, will have a group associated with it. Every group has its own set of rules so you have to make sure to abide by them. You don’t want to take advantage of them as they can be the lifeline of your local business.

How to Find a Groups

It’s really easy to find a Facebook group or lots of groups!

When you’re on your desktop, on the top left, do a search for “City, State”. In the example above, I used “Lancaster, PA”.

There are many groups in this case. Click into the group and read their rules to see if it’s a good fit.

Some will allow you to post about your business whenever you want (within reason), some only on Saturday’s. It’s your responsibility to know the rules and abide by them.

Take Interest In The People

If you decide to join a group, it’s a good idea to introduce yourself and then comment to some posts from other members.

Share your wins, showcase your product, offer help with your knowledge, and then respond to a few personal posts as well.

Don’t Take Sides in Facebook Groups

You’re not in any group to take sides. Political or otherwise. Stay away, FAR AWAY, from politics. Don’t take sides on personal battles in a group. Show your personality but I really recommend eliminating the swearing.

It’s all about the end result. That result is growing your business by growing your reputation. That’s what you do in groups.

What Strategy Should I Use?

There are many ways you can work your yourself and your business into public knowledge. Where people recommend you to others.

Give the above a shot and have fun learning!

However, if you’re ready to have me help you grow your business faster, give me a call! Click on the “Let’s Talk” button below and schedule a time to chat with me! The call is free and we can talk about your business and how I can help with that.

Now go out and join some Facebook groups!

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