Redefined Weightloss Website

Redefined Weight Loss (formerly Cassie.net)

The team behind Redefined Weight Loss, formerly Cassie.net, a six-figure business, came to me with a big dilemma. This is why this particular job is categorized under both “Custom Solutions” and “Emergencies”.

While on Cassie.net, the website was experiencing extreme performance issues. To put it in perspective, the website was loading so slowly that it felt like an old modem connection.

To kill two birds with one stone, we decided to move the domain to its new home at Redefined Weight Loss.

The difficulty here was keeping as much of the structure as possible for SEO purposes.

Another obstacle was moving all of their subscriptions to the new domain as well as their products and sales funnel platforms.

Logistically it was a nightmare, but at the end we were able to successfully move the site, remove unneeded plugins, speed up the site, and properly redirect all urls to their new counterparts.

The emergency? The original server crashed mid-move. The appropriate emotion for this can be described by 😱 as you can imagine.

However, with my coding and database knowledge, we were able to salvage enough of the site to successfully launch.

Small hiccups did arise after the re-launch. However, they were small in comparison to the major project and the mid-move emergency.

With my 17 years of experience, I was able to help the Redefined Weight Loss team launch their new site with minimal problems.

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