LicketyCorp™, the company behind LicketyPark™, came to me to help them build an entire new system from scratch. Nothing like it has been done before that time.

They hired me as a Chief Technology Officer and I was tasked with creating the technology that would power their new, industry interrupting, service. The entire job comprised of:

  1. Creating the necessary API coding to connect existing third-party platforms to the Lickety™ system, primarily using the LAMP stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP)
  2. Creating the necessary security protocols for protection
  3. Creating the necessary customer platform
  4. Creating the payment processing features that connect to the Braintree API
  5. Creating the communications features that connected to the Twilio API
  6. Creating the necessary infrastructure that would connect the Lickety™ system to proprietary Lickety™ hardware
  7. Creating the necessary coding to connect the hardware to a cellular service

On top of this, I created the front-end informational website for the public using the WordPress platform that would connect to the customer portal on the backend.

At the end of my tenure at Lickety™, I successfully connected everything necessary to create a functional MVP prototype.

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