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The branding geniuses over at Growth Legion ran into some last minute issues on their client site, Sitka Gold. They came to me as a last-minute emergency to help them fix their dilemmas, and they had a few!

The main problem stemmed from moving from their development server over to the live server. Unfortunately, some of the coding wasn’t fully updated and many parts of their website just stopped working.

To make matters worse, some of their design elements seemed to have reverted to a previous state causing even more of a headache.

After providing a full diagnostic and sitting with the team for a few hours, we were able to iron out everything and, even better, they were able to make their deadline.

My over 17 years of experience has taught me where to look and how to find the problems that new developers and non-developers simply have no idea about.

Do you have an emergency? Let me help! Schedule a time for a consultation and we’ll see if I can help you out as well.

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